About us

We are an Automotive products Manufacturer specialize in Polypropylene Polyurthane (PPU) and ABS ( Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene ) plastic products for automotive. Our main products includes; car Bodykits add on skirting, car spoiler, Front grille, over fender, car bumper, side lining, mirror cover, door panels and other related automotive and non automotive components.

Our PPU ( Polypropylene Poly Urethane )kit is a special formulated plastic materials which employ both the characteristic advantages of of both PP ( Polypropylene ) and PU ( Poly Urethane ) with superior surface finishing and material hardness and strength.

Unlike cheap fiber glass kits, our kits would not break and can even be repair . It will last longer than you think .

Our advantage:

Our ABS bodykits is manufactured using 100% automotive grade terpolymer of acrylonitrile, butadiene and styrene materials. We do not believe in cutting corner, offering cheap price kit manufactured in recycled materials which result in products problem passing on to our customers.

All of our kits has been test fitted on the car numerous time to ensure that all our kit will fit perfecting without much hassle, however a specialize installer is recommended for each installation with the know how of dismantling and fixing up.

Why is our ABS bodykits different from others ?

Using a special resin and manufacturing technology, our ABS plastic bodykits is almost unbreakable under extreme condition of blending, throwing or even running over by car.

Main Product Characteristic

      Extremely Light in Weight
      Heavy duty ( Almost unbreakable )
      Easy to paint
      Easy to Install ( Using only double sided tape with just a few screws )

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